A Dedicated Design Team

Building world-class products.

Who is Product Camp for?

  • You have a large scale project you want to put out into the world.

  • Your product interface has complexity and needs to be thoughtfully designed.

  • You are a visionary and need someone who can own the product design.

Quick facts


3 months+



Average time for ROI

6 months


  • Design guideline
  • Iconography
  • Design guideline

What is Product Camp?

We’ve streamed lined the product building process. Product camp provides you with a creative team that does not require management. 


Build Faster

We've streamlined the entire product building process.


Focus on Growth

Teams are self-managed so you can focus on being the visionary that you are.


Professional Guidance

Work with creatives who have done this before.

Product Camp Case Study

Festival Pass

Festival Pass is on a mission to help people live a more connected life. Festival Pass connects it's users to 100's of festivals across the USA. Reach our case study to see how we took festival pass from ideation to a fully developed web and mobile app.



We hear you! Product Camp provides you with the right people to help you build your dream product. So whether it's a single design and a product manager or an entire design team - we have you covered.  

The whole team will be operating under your single point of contact, your product manager. The team includes UX researchers, UI designers, illustrators, animators, and video editors. All of these amazing creatives will be at your fingertips to help build out your product. All this for the cost of a single freelancer. 

As long as you'd like. We're in it for the long run! Product Camp works on a monthly salary model which you can scale up and down as your company evolves. 

Our other products

Moku Roadmapping

For companies who want a prototype in four weeks.

Moku Refresh

For companies looking to refresh their current product.

Design System Optimizer

For companies looking to scale but being blocked by a lack of design processes.

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