Anyone who wants to grow their community of professional contacts is certainly on LinkedIn. The website is number one for connecting to other individuals within your field. But what is so fantastic about this social network is that you can use it to create and promote your professional brand, if you know how to do it. If you’re seeking to become an influencer within your field, then LinkedIn is a wonderful tool. Marketing your brand is crucial when you’re getting started, and LinkedIn helps you do this. Whether you’re just joining LinkedIn or you’re already a seasoned user, you can use the following tips to boost your rankings and exposure.

Stay Active 

Creating and publishing articles on LinkedIn is an excellent strategy to build a brand for yourself. It demonstrates your level of expertise in a certain field and will improve your likelihood of creating new contacts and gaining more followers. Try to publish information relatively frequently, for example, one post per day, to make sure your articles are being seen. In addition, this can work to increase traffic to your own website if your articles are linking readers back to it.

Link Yourself to Other Social Networks 

The best way to improve your overall exposure would be to create profiles on other social media sites and link them to your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn page then can be found by people that follow you on these websites, increasing exposure. The individuals who connect with you on one platform can see your other profiles and reach out to you. This exposure is key.

Start Promoting Friends Skills 

LinkedIn is all about who you know and is focused on professional references and contacts. It is possible to improve your chances of making these connections by boosting your specific skillsets. One method to jumpstart this process is to endorse the skills that are currently listed on your connections’ profiles. If you endorse Joe for Microsoft Office Suite, he’ll appreciate the gesture and likely return the favour, endorsing you in return. The more boosted skills you have on your profile, the better it appears to prospective contacts. Plus, this profile activity will work to increase its overall exposure.

Fill Out that Profile Summary 

Don’t let your profile summary go empty! This is just like a bio of one’s expert history. The very first thing future connections or potential employers notice when they visit your profile is this objective, so ensure it is filled out. Put it to use by creating a brief intro of everything you do and who you are. It doesn’t have to be that long and it’s a great opportunity to show recruiters what you’re all about.