Modernize and Optimize Your Product

A redesign service that increases engagement

Who is Moku Refresh for?

  • You have a product that has traction and customers.

  • You know improving your users expereince would generate an amazing return.

  • You are not looking to build a new product, just to optimize the existing one.

Quick facts


4-6 weeks



Average ROI

3 months


  • Full facelift of your product or website
  • Brandbook
  • Sample marketing material

What is Moku Refresh?

Moku refresh is designed to modernize your user interface and optimize your experience without creating development debt.


Brand Authority

Increase your overall brand authority and position you a thought leader and influencer in your space.


Get clarity

Give your users more clarity on how to navigate your product, decreasing drop off.


Increase Conversion

Modernize your product and address low hanging fruit opportunities to optimize.

What do expect?


Week 1

Define business objectives

Analyze exisiting data

Create a plan of action



Week 2

Create high fedility concepts

Storyboard sketches & wireframes



Week 3

Design development ready pages

Create mobile optimized designs



Week 4

Review final designs

Create marketing assests


Refresh Case Study

Drone Trader

Drone Trader is the leading drone classified website in North America. Read the case study to learn how Drone Trader used Moku Refresh to gain brand authority and improve customer acquisition.



We ask you to set up FullStory (free plan) or equivalent so we can see how users are currently interacting with your site. It's amazing if you have alternative data sources such as support tickets, google analytics and antidotal feedback from customers.  

We are a design first studio and the Moku Refresh program is design only. You are given development ready files, yet we do not develop for you. If you need a developer we have a few amazing contacts we can connect you with. 

The Moku Refresh program is specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for small businesses and young startups. 

This Moku Refresh program is specifically designed for small businesses. For large scale redesign projects, we have created Product Camp. In Product Camp, we assign a dedicated team for large scale design projects on a monthly retainer.

Our other products

Product Camp

For companies with a plan needing a dedicated team.

Moku Roadmapping

For companies who want a prototype in four weeks.

Design System Optimizer

For companies looking to scale but being blocked by a lack of design processes.

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