Currently, the market is facing a huge problem - buying cryptocurrency is not easy and becoming a reseller is even more complicated. As we enter this new economy there's a lot of excited paired fear around emerging currencies. A huge reason for the fear is due to a lack of accessibility. NDAX is designed to solve this problem.


The problem

In the simplest terms, it's been hard and scary to buy cryptocurrency online. Very few companies have been able to even begin to tackle this problem, yet the market is craving a solution.

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly used to the slick interfaces offered by the likes of Netflix, Amazing and Spotify. It may be undeniable that the technologies supporting these platforms are innovative, but without a smooth user experience on each, it's unlikely they would reach such widespread adoption or prevail over competitors. As cryptocurrency moves closer to a tipping point, more work needs to be done to improve usability, at the same time as maintaining a robust security system.


Cost of the problem

As everyday consumers are more informed about cryptocurrency we are seeing an uptake in popularity. Everyday consumers are attempting to turn to crypto to invest, trade and hold. They are craving solutions that are accessible to the everyday population. Yet, there are very few options when it comes to finding an exchange that is fast, easy to use and credible. With new currencies emerging every day, the potential of the market is truly unlimited.

Currently, existing exchanges - in addition to having a UX problem - have a huge marketing problem. Last year over 52% of users on Facebook stated that they made a buying decision based on an ad that they viewed on the platform. Yet, many crypto marketers know, gaining access to ad space for anything cryptocurrency related is a nightmare.

Currently, no exchanges allow marketing through a simplified partnership process.


At the start of each project we ask our client, what would the successful completion of this product mean for your business
Yes, even creatives have KPIs - here’s what we were focusing on 
  • Decrease amount of time between sign up and first trade 
  • Decrease ratio of inactive accounts
  • Increase social sign ups 
  • Increase the number of average trades per use

Our Approach

A tool is only as good as the hands wielding it, and the same rings true for exchanges. Just because cryptocurrency is decentralized, it doesn't mean the user experience has to be. For mainstream adoption to see the light of day it's necessary that a the rookie-scaring, overly complex user-interfaces are turning into something more inviting, and there needs to be an easier path towards connecting these messages with the everyday person. 
At NDAX we did not just design the simplest interface. We designed an interface that educated its users, an interface that traders can grow with. 

The Process

We started by creating a stronger brand voice and message. Before even approaching the UX we needed to ensure that users trusted the brand. That’s why we started with the marketing page and marketing message.





Final product

By focusing on creating trust and then creating an intuitive user experience we were able to hit our KPIs only months after development. 

Web App






Marketing pages


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