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Divorces can be extremely painful financially, emotionally and logistically. The divorce market is saturated with confusing options, pricey attorneys and information overload. Divorce123 is an app built on empathy. We empower users by creating a personal roadmap to guide them through their divorce and support them holistically. We believe that every person going through a divorce deserves to be happy and that this is the first step to their new life.

Divorce123 came to us with an idea and a dream to make divorce less painful and confusing. We knew the Moku Roadmapping program would be the right fit.


Why Moku Roadmapping?

The amazing thing about this program is all you need is an idea and a willingness to show up, we do the rest. You don’t have to be techy, you don’t have to know how to build products - you just need to be the visionary that you are. The Moku Roadmapping program gives your clarity on what your building, how it will look and feel and how much it will cost to build the entire product.

With Divorce123, that’s exactly what we needed. We needed a visual to match up with the dream and research that had been brewing for years. Moku Roadmap is a chance to finally put a visual to your idea.

Have an idea in mind?

  • Raise funding quicker

    We prepareed a logo with small refinements to the existing logo to fit it into the new brand communication

  • Get clarity

    Know exactly what you’re building and how long it will take

  • Reduce build cost

    Knowing the specifics allow us to reduce the cost of guessing

  • Flat rate project

    Which means no surprises

Our Process


The workshop

Before diving into the roadmapping projects we start off with a 1.5 hour remote workshop where we get really clear about what you’re trying to build. We also start mapping out the marketing message and unique value propositions of your future company (how cool!)


Create a map

Following our workshop we map out all the features you’ll need to create your new product. With Divorce123 we realized there were a lot more features than we initially anticipated. This helped us get really clear about which features were most valuable to our core customer personas.


Wireframe and sketch

We build wireframes as well as high fidelity wireframes so you can get the look and feel


Final product


Additional deliverables

Full project report

Understand the logic behind every design decision with a full project report. This report is extremely handy when working with investors.

Build Quote

Get an accurate quote for building your entire product.

Get a Credit

All Roadmapping projects are credited to the full Moku build if you decide to move forward with us.

Fundraising Support

If you need a few tweaks or changes to appeal to your investors, we’re here for you!

Want to Refresh Your Design?

Looking to refresh your product. Get a dedicated team and have a new product design in just 4 weeks. Book your free strategy session today or learn more about Moku Refresh program


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