Welcome to betting’s inner circle. Betconnect is the world’s first social betting network that gives you access to the bets of professional gamblers. We send you personalized bets – each called a Bet Request – direct from the Pros for you to Match. You decide what to do next. Do you Copy, Follow or Lay?

Our Pros are so good they can’t place bets with traditional bookmakers.


Why the Pros Can’t Place Bets

Currently, in the world of personalized sports news, the excitement gets lost in the data. For everyday users, many sports apps are too information-heavy. They tend to forget about the joy and excitement of the game itself.

We wanted to create an experience that looked beyond the data. An experience around joy and excitement. An experience that was built just for you.


Cost of the problem

Like all businesses, bookmakers need to make a profit and no one denies them this right. But today, they make the rules, set the odds hugely in their favor and, with all these advantages and having already made healthy profits, they then increasingly refuse to take a bet. Is it any wonder that so many punters feel they are getting a raw deal?

Some “banned” punters try various tricks to strike their bets: some open accounts in the name of friends – but bookmakers then track internet addresses to try to thwart this tactic. One successful punter recently told the Racing Post that he had operated some 500 betting accounts under 30 different names over six years, but “the restrictions got so ridiculous I knocked it on the head”

In fact, bookmakers have rarely been under such scrutiny as they are now, after a series of complaints that they are ripping off punters in other ways, too. In April it was revealed that there had been an “over-round” of 165% on the 2015 Grand National – meaning there was a theoretical profit margin of 65% for the bookmakers built into the available odds at the time the race started. Allegations were made publicly that off-course bookmakers were manipulating the system to the detriment of punters, though these were denied.


Bet Request


Bet Completion


Get Funded


At the start of each project we ask our client, what would a successful completion of this product mean for your business

Yes, even creatives have KPIs – here’s what we were focusing on

  • Reduce time to receive and accept first bet request
  • Increase bet completion rate (when the better gets a tip from the pro and actually places the bet)
  • Raise the third round of funding

Our Approach

Gamification was at the core of our approach. We wanted to give the user the feeling of time-based drama – where a user feels a sense of urgency as if they were at the races. We wanted to incorporate feelings of exclusivity and community amongst other punters and pros while keeping identity anonymous.

Instead of building a betting “tips” platform, we create a community and an experience.

When will your next bet request come in? Maybe on your walk to work… Maybe while you’re at the pub…. Now you have only 15 minutes to accept.


The Process

Sketch & Wireframing




Mobile first design

Creating a mobile-first design allowed us to focus on the experience. The key to the mobile-first principle is, in fact, a content-centered mind. Why mobile-first is important.

– There are over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide
– In the U.S., 25% of mobile web users are mobile-only (they rarely use a desktop to access the web)



We worked closely with developers as they produced the progressive web and mobile application. With Zeplin were able to give front end specs in React.js

Final product

We’re so happy to say that Betconnect has successfully raised its third round of funding after a successful beta. We’re excited to see what they do next!


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