We all remember moments when we felt infinitely creative. Maybe it was during our early childhood when boxes and egg cartons would serve as toys. Whenever it was, you can get back there – you can actually get beyond there. As an experience designer, creativity is vital. How do I push the user to have more fun, longer retention and give my products social power? Those wicked problems take a lot of creativity. So here are some very simple steps to releasing those creative juices!

1. Turn off computer and your phone (I know!)

We consume a lot of media and digital content nowadays. Actually, the quantity of stuff we are bombarded with on a daily basis can be quite overwhelming. There’s computers, TVs, smartphones, notebooks, smartwatches and more. You’re still going to have plenty of content thrown your way even when you have only a couple of these. To get your creative juices flowing, turn all of your apparatus off for a little while so you’re left with your own thoughts. You may find yourself coming up with new thoughts since your mind has been given the chance to work by itself.

2. Rest from your routine

It can be difficult coming up with new ideas when you do exactly the same thing all the time. You might find the same thing day in, day out difficult stimulating your mind, in case you do it. Do something completely different to excite your head. It might be something simple like reading a new novel choosing a walk or going to a museum or gallery.

3. Keep a diary

Once you start consistently getting thoughts, write them down. You’ll quickly develop a set of ideas, which you’ll be able to look back on to inspire even more ideas. Another great thing about having a diary of notions is thought it supports you to produce more so you can fill it up.

4. Keep a collection of things that are inspirational

Keep an image that inspires you when you discover it. Shoot a picture of a sight and keep the picture in case you see it which you find inspirational. Place pictures and pictures of things that inspire you together in a group. Build this group upward through time plus use it to get your creative juices flowing whenever you’re lacking inspiration.

5. Have a tidy workspace

A lot of people believe that having an unorganized workspace may lead to you having an unorganized mind. Give your workspace a great clean and sort your things out so you understand where everything is. With a clean and organized workspace, your mind shouldn’t be as cluttered and disorganized as. You need to find yourself able to think clearly when your workspace isn’t littered or disorderly.